English through Arts for Adults

NEW ELECTIVE COURSE: English through Arts™ for Adults


English through Arts™ for Adults is an elective, one semester course for English Philology and English in Public Communication  BA  students. The first edition of the course is carried out in Winter semester of 2017/2018 academic year.

The main task of the course is to introduce students to content specific (fine arts) language teaching approach. The course is conducted by a hybrid of an English teacher and an artist with 17 years of English teaching practice and 10 years of  full-time teaching English through Arts™ experience. Dr Lucilla Kossowska is also a painter and a video artist with the portfolio of  75 solo and group exhibitions worldwide and 70 art workshops accomplished.

There has been conducted a mid-course evaluation to research how the course objectives and content correspond with the praxis of  didactic room.

Mid course evaluation was executed in three areas: evaluation of  course, instructor and student preparation for the class.  The feedback was given after the students practised the following tasks: exquisite corps drawing game, making collage regarded contemporary issues of their choice, writing haiku poems, creative story writing based on artistic biography, comic strip drawing and old master’s collage painting. Average course evaluation was rated  at 83% . Students valued self expressive and creative demands put upon them by the course which proved, to their surprise, that they can perform fine art tasks not only with decent results….but also with pleasure.  In students’ opinion the course differed from the other elective courses because of its practical art making possibility and interactivity. They pointed out the difficulty they encountered with satisfying expression of “things they wanted to show”. The least the students liked about the course was the morning, early time.

Instructor was evaluated at 90 % and suggested to present her own artwork, introduce more artists and demonstrate less contemporary art in favour of old masters.

The course has been recommended to prosper students for the experience of creation and  “fun”. Evaluation of students’ preparation for the class was rated at 97% with spending weekly, on average 1,5 hour of outside-classroom-time for the course groundwork.

To comment on the mid-course evaluation, I’d like to add that instructor’s artwork is scheduled to be presented at the end of the course.

Students interested in taking English through Arts™ for Adults course in spring semester 2018 are asked to sign up for it through USOS

Below there has been displayed the artworks of the students.