Latest News for Students


  1. -UPDATED 08.10.2019- ATTENTION – there will be a Library Training meeting dedicated to non-Polish speaking students on 24.10.2019 at 16:30 in the library (Collegium Maius, room 011, downstairs). Participation in the meeting is OBLIGATORY as it is part of your study program.

  2. ATTENTION All Students – some of the timetables have been updated, make sure to keep an eye out for the changes.

  3. Attention – the elective course “Stress Management” with mgr E. Skał is cancelled on 29.10.2019

  4. Rusza dodatkowa rekrutacja na wyjazdy na studia i praktyki w semestrze letnim roku akademickiego 2019/2020  w ramach Programu Erasmus+.

  5. All classes with dr hab. D. Brzozowska, prof. UO are cancelled 23-25.10.2019 – Please take part in the Conference of Polish Association for American Studies. 

  6. All classes with dr hab. S. Nicieja, prof. UO are cancelled 08.10.2019 and 14.10-26.10.2019.

  7. Attention 2 year BA English Philology – academic profile, 2 and 3 year EPC, 3 year Polish Studies. The timetable for elective courses is here (elective_winter 2019-2020_TIMETABLE_26.09.2019). Match it with your schedule.

  8. Attention III year students of English Philology BA level – academic profile. Here is the list of offered diploma seminars for the new academic year 2019-2020. Read the details in the attachment ( BA EP Academic-Profile diploma-seminar 2019-2020 proposal). Sign up for ONE seminar group.

  9. Attention All Students – check your USOS web – make sure that you have all the courses listed – the number of ects for the semetser needs to be 30 – if you have any doubts, miss ects points, miss a course or two – do let the teacher know that you are an active member of the group, do let the Dean’s office know that you participate in a course – it is in your responsibility to monitor the USOS web and notice any discrepancies to avoid problems at the end of the semester.

  10. Cambridge Exams