Latest News for Students

  1. Attention 1 year English Philology Academic Profile – Spanish group! There have been some changes in your plan. Speaking 1 classes with J. Reid will take place on Tuesday 15.00-16.30 in room 207. Check your plan.
  2. Attention 2 year English Philology – academic profile and  2 and 3 year English Philology – practical profile: 24.10.2018 (Wednesday) you are to take part in BPO Day ( ) between 10am and 2pm in room 301. Your morning 09am and afternoon after 2pm classes are NOT cancelled.
  3. Attention all students who signed up to the elective course CULTURES OF THINKING with mgr S. Dewsbury. You are asked to confirm if you intend to participate in those classes or not. Send an e-mail to as soon as possible!
  4. Classes with Dr hab. Klara Szmańko are called off on October 25 (conference). They will be made up for on October 30 (Tuesday), at 10.30 in the Blue Room (Aula Błękitna), Collegium Maius.
  5. Attention – all students are asked to monitor small changes in their schedule – see updates this week
  6. The classes with  dr hab. T. Lewandowski are cancelled from 22.10.2018 (Monday) to 27.10.2018 (Saturday).
  7. Attention III year EP, EPP, EPC, extramural EP – Industrial property protection mgr D. DULNIK 2hrs OBLIGATORY – see the updated plan with the date and place.
  8. Attention 1 and 2 year Język Ang w Turystyce – your classes with Mr Raus are moved to room 131 BG – see the changes in your plan.
  9. Attention I year students. If you missed your LABOUR SAFETY  training, your last chance is to join the extramural students on 27.10.2018 (SATURDAY) at 15:30-18:30 in room 306.
  10. Elective courses English Philology and EPC – updated 05.10.2018– ONLY for 2 year BA level English Philology and EPC
  11. Cambridge Exams