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  1. The classes with mgr S. Dewsbury are cancelled 17.10.2017
  2. The classes with dr S. Kuźnicki are cancelled 20.10.2017
  3. Classes with dr Elżbieta Szymańska-Czaplak are cancelled 16-23.10; II year Reading and listening comprehension – Tuesday 24.10 – 12.00 all groups room 206
  4. The classes with mgr T. Sutarzewicz are cancelled 09 – 20.10.2017
  5. Attention II year English Philology MA STUDIES part-time and full time: your C2 exam has been scheduled for Saturday 03 February 2018. The datails will be available sometime in December this year.
  6. The classes with prof. P. Marcinkiewicz are cancelled 18 – 25.10.2017
  7. The classes with prof. T. Lewandowski are cancelled 16 – 23.10.2017
  8. The classes with dr K. Molek-Kozakowska are cancelled 14 – 17.10.2017
  9. ATTENTION 1 year EXTRAMURAL MA studies – Teachers’ Training specialisation – your plan for Sundays is available (psychology and pegagogy 2017/2018)
  10. ERASMUS – dodatkowa rekrutacja na wyjazdy w semestrze letnim (studia/praktyka) 24.10 godz. 11.00 s. 117
  11. ELECTIVE COURSES: English Philology 2 year students – you need to choose TWO different courses.  English in Public Communication 2 year students – you need to choose ONE course. Join a selected group(s) next week at the latest. If you do not do the courses you will have a problem finishing the semester – missing 2 or 4 ECTS.
  12. ATTENTION II YEAR STUDENTS English Philology and EPC: the elective course 1.2.5 EC-HBD Harlem, Beat and Drugs in literature and culture has been cancelled. In that place we offer you a different course: 1.2.5-EC-CT Creativity training, WEDNESDAY 16:30-18:00 room 207a with dr M. Adams-Tukiendorf. Do come on 11.10.2017 for your next class or change the course. In case of questions contact dr Adams-Tukiendorf directly.
  13. Elective-courses schedule for winter semester 2017/2018 ATTENTION: Students who enrolled in the elective course: 1.2.5 EC-EPP English for Professional Purposes – Introductory Course are kindly asked to sign OUT, as the course will not run this semester. You are kindly asekd to select a different course. more…

Current Events

  1. Workshop for highschool students from Jastrzębie-Zdrój at Institute of English UO (HERE)

Erasmus +

  1. If you are in Higher Education and interested in studying or working for part of your degree in an European country, Erasmus+ is a great opportunity for you.
  2. Attention all students, information about Erasmus+ and Internship HERE more

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